about us

Mentoring for Good Inc. is a federally recognized non-profit organization catering to immigrant and refugee youth living in Canada. In light of immigrant and refugee youth numbers growing across the country, the Mentoring for Good team strives to ensure a smooth transition, by helping them foster personal identities while integrating and adapting to new social norms.


We collaborate with schools, school board associations, mosques, student organizations, and youth groups to bring our content to communities offline.
As well as driving visitors to the Mentoring for Good website, our social media streams exist to repurpose content and engage with audiences in ways that are both innovative and tailored to each platform’s strengths.
Our podcast and YouTube channel, both will feature multiple series and original videos on the topic of meaningful human experiences. Released seasonally, we aim to facilitate in-depth conversations and create a movement of driven young change-makers.
Our monthly email newsletter features the latest content and previews of upcoming outreach events that are yet to be advertised on our social media platforms.
Our website includes articles written by both internal team members and a network of contributors. These articles cover a variety of themes, from personal development to expert insights.

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