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Mentoring for Good Inc. To Deliver Mentorship To Immigrants In Canada

Canada-based non-profit, Mentoring for Good Inc., set to improve the lives of immigrant and refugee youth through education and mentorship

Mentoring for Good Inc. was founded by a group of young, passionate professionals and university students to empower and inspire immigrant and refugee youth in Canada to reach their full potentials. The federally recognized non-profit has stayed true to this goal, partnering with well-meaning individuals and corporate bodies to design programs that will help immigrants and refugees transition smoothly and foster personal identities.

“We recognized that there’s a gap in the Canadian immigration plan and we decided to do something about it.”
“As a daughter of immigrant parents, I realize the challenges immigrant and refugee youth face, from ongoing mental health issues to difficulties in navigating the various existing systems.” – Eptehal Nashnoush (founder)

Canada has been described by experts as one of the most popular destinations for youth and professionals seeking greener pastures. According to a recent report published by Statista, annual immigration in Canada amounts to about 300,000 new immigrants, ranking as one of the highest rates per population of any country in the world. While the increasing number of immigrants spells well for the economy, many of such people have found it difficult to adapt to their “new home.” Unfortunately, there are not too many resources to guide them through, which is where the Mentoring for Good Inc. team is looking to make a difference.

The organization explores the mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers faced by immigrants while designing programs and initiatives for personal and professional development. Mentoring for Good Inc. seeks to build a community of successful, productive, and confident individuals, enabling immigrant and refugee youth to access and collaborate with insightful experts from all walks of life.

Mentoring for Good Inc. is exploring all the possible options available to improve their reach, including collaboration with schools, school board associations, mosques, student organizations, and youth groups as well as social media and other online platforms. The organization is also in the process of creating a YouTube channel and podcast to facilitate in-depth conversations and mobilize a community of driven young change-makers.

The team at Mentoring for Good Inc. includes mentors, advisors, therapists, and volunteers, with partnerships with organizations such as Google, Canva, Michelin, Ummah, Youth Impact Challenge, and a host of others.

For more information about Mentoring for Good Inc. and how to join the team of positive change-makers, visit - and Instagram.

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